• Delivery is free for any order of $ 100 or more, delivered in Quebec (with the exception of certain remote cities in Quebec, please contact us if you are a resident of one of them). If the order amount is less than $ 100, a delivery charge of $ 10 plus tax will be added.
  • Delivery in Quebec ONLY
  • The delivery company Dicom picks up the packages at our shop at 3pm on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays  ONLY. You will therefore receive your package between Tuesday and the following Friday. NO weekend delivery.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for delivery in the hands of GLS
  • The carrier does not ring, does not knock. He leaves the SNR parcel (without signature required) at the most accessible door. If there is a risk of theft or if you live in a multi-unit apartment, please ask for the required signature (free of charge) so that the carrier can deliver the package by hand.

  • GLS or Cuisine du Domaine are not responsible for thefts, no refunds or second shipments will be made if a theft occurs.

  • Order placed on Saturday or Sunday, it will leave the following Monday or Tuesday for receipt the following Wednesday-Thursday
  • Order placed on Tuesday 9.30am, it will leave in the afternoon or the next day and will be received on Wednesday-Thursday or Friday.
  • Order placed on Thursday 7.30pm, it will leave the following Monday for receipt on Tuesday-Wednesday.
  • If you order on Wednesday 3.30pm, it will leave on Thursday and be received on Friday, but if it is a remote area it will only go to the following week.

*If you live in a more remote area, or if there are missing items, your package may not leave as quickly. We will notify you by email.

  • Please note that if you have not received your package by Friday at 17:00, you will not receive it for the weekend.
  • On weekends the transporter cannot track your package.
  • We will therefore have the answers and follow-ups on Monday only.
  • However, if the delivery problem is not the fault of the customer, we commit ourselves to give you satisfaction (refund or second shipment of the order).
  • We need to know the reason for the problem BEFORE we can follow up with the customer in order to avoid repeating a potential error.
  • We will contact you on Monday.
  • Delivery times may vary during certain periods of the year when there is a high volume of orders (Christmas, Sugar Time, Easter…) Allow 2-3 extra days


  • When you validate your order, it is possible to select “pick-up at the shop” instead of delivery.
  • Pick-up is only done on Saturdays between 10am and 4pm at 280 Domaine des Chutes, Chertsey.
  • The order must be placed before Thursday noon preceding the Saturday of the pick-up.
  • ANY ORDER in which “pick up at the shop” is selected and which is placed AFTER Thursday noon will not be processed.
  • ANY ORDER where the PICK-UP request is made in the SHIPPING NOTE will not be processed and will be shipped to the delivery address of the order.
  • ANY ORDER where the PICK-UP request has been made in an email or internet exchange will not be processed and will be shipped to the delivery address of the order.

Return policy

Since our products are subject to expiration, no returns are accepted. However, we are committed to your complete satisfaction: if you encounter a major problem with the delivery or quality of the product and it is not due to an error on your part, we will offer you either a refund or a second shipment. If you have a problem with this, please contact us as soon as possible at

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